Roast Time never connects with the R1

My Bullet never gets connected with Roast Time 2.05 for Windows. I have checked and re-installed everything, but nothing helps. I’m using version 2.05, the Windows10 64-bit version on a Acer notebook.

With the older Roast Time everything works fine. Firmware gets updated, driver is installed correctly. With version 2.05 the force driver update-function does nothing at all…

Are you running any anti virus? I have heard this from 2 or 3 people now - but still unable to replicate it over here. I may have to try and jump on teamviewer with one of you to help debug.

Defender and ESET…


Maybe this would solve the problem once and for all: a dedicated iMac

Haha, that is one way to solve the problem. I am a primarily a Linux and OSX user, so not very windows savvy myself, but trying to get the software running there regardless.

I just had the same problem after installing V2.05, managed to get my R1 to connect by turning off all firewalls and protection, then clicking on RoastTime–>Tools–>Force Update Drivers.

I turned my firewall and protection back on after, am still connected and able to control the roaster. Try that if you haven’t already. Hope it helps.

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I thought this might be the problem. We are still waiting on our code signature certificates for Windows, so until then, AVs and firewalls may give you some trouble (especially since updating drivers is an elevated permissions command). Thank you for the valuable information!

Not amused at all about turning off ALL firewalls and protection/virus software. This isn’t the way it should be going when installing some device…!

When is the problem solved and will we be able to install “the normal way”…???

Ruud, did you have a the Bullet connected while doing the force update drivers?
Did you get it to work?

This next version should be signed (that is what I am waiting for on the release).

Both… Connected, not connected, using several high grade USB cables, restarted computer… Nothing helps…

FYI: this afternoon I totally removed ESET virus protection. No results… After that also de-activated Defender completely. Also with none results whatsoever: not connecting, no forced updates, nothing…

So virus protection and firewalls are not the problem on my computer…

I will add in some more logs around this in 2.0.6 so I can help you figure this out.