Roast Time Not displaying any info

As the title sates, Roast Time has stopped working for me and is not displaying anything when I open it. Just a white screen… I have tried to reinstall v2.5.5 and still have the same issue. Has anyone else experienced this? I was in the middle of my third roast when the problem started.

well i didnt have this issues but i had a firmware issue. the things i would look at at if you are using windows

  • does you computer still see the bullet when you plug in the USB cord (look under device manager to see if the bullet is showing up) - if no then you might have a driver issue
  • after restarting your computer and roaster a few times does it work now and can you open RT2.55? - if no then try and uninstall RT2.55 and reinstall it.
  • if after the reinstall of RT2.55 then maybe consider upgrading to the new RT3 to see if that fixes your issue.