Roast Time not loading and being buggy?

Tried roasting this week after roasting absolutely fine a week ago, roaster would not connect, could not do any updates on roast time 3. Downloaded to roast time 4, can’t open the program, after uninstalling a few times finally could open only to try update and then roaster disconnects and now version 3 or 4 won’t open?

EDIT* now version 3 opens but roaster does not connect and I can’t do any updates?

Hey @adminjs7d ,

Can you check if RoasTime4 saved any logs and email them to me [email protected]? You’d be able to find them here:
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/RoastTime/logs

You might need to show hidden files/folders ( Command + Shift + . )

Could you also please share your firmware version?