Roast Time on Linux, missing data

I have Roast Time v3.0.82 on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.10. When I roasted using Windows, the data entered on RT would show up on Roast World without a need for resync. Yesterday I roasted using Linux. I was able to select previously used beans, name my roast, add roast weights. I haven’t needed to resync on windows, so I just simply saved my roasts (I did 3).
This morning I logged into Roast World (via Windows), the 3 roasts showed no bean or roast name, also no bean weights. but the graphs were ok.
Roast Time to Roast World on Windows works without a hitch. But the Roast Time on Linux dropped some info. Should I have hit the Resync button? I may have a misunderstanding on what ‘resync’ actually does (Maybe only current RW with earlier versions of RW). This is only the second time using Linux, the rest were all done on windows.