Roast without internet?

Looks like is down (502 from Cloudflare) and as a result I can’t roast with RoastTime?

Is this expected behavior? We can’t roast without the internet? That’s crazy. Very disappointed as I need to roast today, so I guess I’ll roast without charts&graphs, which is the entire reason I bought this roaster.

I see this reported in 2018 and here it is in 2022 and we still can’t roast without internet? :sob:

The application starts up and just idles with a purple screen and loading icons.

Welcome to the future! :wink:

Interesting… I have roasted once or twice in the past with my laptop not connected to the internet and it worked fine for me (this was back in the days when RT would force update, I disconnect from the internet to stop the forced update so I can roast first before the update).

This is not expected behavior. If you leave it like it is loading for more than 10min, does the screen appear? Which RT version are you using?

Just to update the thread –

I’m now running v3.3.2 and the app opens up fine even when in ‘airplane mode’. Must have been a bug in the prior version along with the app update/downloads url being down?

Not to worry – I’m glad it works offline now :).

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