Roast.World bean inventory not tracking correctly

Hi. Is anyone else running into the issue of their bean inventory not tracking correctly? I’ll input the correct weight when I get my green coffee, roast it, and the amount roasted and the amount left in my inventory never seem to update correctly. The numbers change, but they don’t ever add up.

Does anyone at Aillio have an suggestions?



Having the same issue here. I know there was another thread on this topic not too long ago.

At first I thought it was my workflow (entering roast name, selecting bean name, entering green weight) during pre-heat, but I just tried to enter the information during the roast to no avail.

This issue is pretty annoying I must say. All my In stock quantities are off…I’ll have to weight manually every bag and try to adjust the numbers.

UPDATE : For some reason, my last 2 roasts, have updated the in stock quantity!

My bean inventory is an absolute mess, and I seem to be unable to correct the numbers.

It does take some time for RT roast weight changes to be reflected in RW bean inventory and I do a refresh every time I go to that screen to make sure.

You can make adjustments by checking your RT roasts reflect the correct bean (I had 3 RT entries for Monsoon Malaba and kept selecting the wrong one). Corrected by selecting alternate bean in RT.

Then in RW you can also add or subtract (by entering -x.xx kg) in the bottom portion of the bean screen to get inventory to reflect all usage. I had a roast which didn’t save in RT so had to make a -.75kg entry adjustment in RW bean inventory.