Roast World Server Down?

When trying to access a recent roast I get a “server error” message.

I’m having the same issue.

Same Issue. Per Below

Uh oh …

Something went wrong.

Unexpected Server Error

Can you try clearing your cookies? We are doing some updates which might cause a few problems.

Everyone does. At first everything was down. Once it came back, I was required to log in again. After that, I can access everything except for roasts. I have tried clearing cookies, as jacob suggested above, logged in again, but still no luck. I’m still getting the Uh oh … Something went wrong. Unexpected Server Error.

Edit: Now it’s back.

Thanks for the update. I still cannot see some profiles, but we are working hard to fix it.

Now able to access recent roast can update most fields but ambient temp won’t accept change. Still have to go through the dashboard.

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Thank you for reporting this. We’ll get this sorted out asap.