Roast world sync issue

Hi Everyone!
Since I updated fo V3 of the software of roastime, it stopped syncing my roast on roast world. I tried several times to manually sync the programs and I made sure I was connected.
But nothing happened.
Anyone had the same issue? anyone knows how to fix it

I suspect you understand this already but just to be certain were you logged onto both RT3 & R.W at the same time when you Re-sync’ed?

What version of RT3? latest? And Matt will want to know what platform. I’ll try to get something to Matt & Derrick to look here.


Hi bab,
I have similar issue also, I can’t syncing my roaster to roastime, V3.3.2. Please any support.

I left a message for Matt with a link to this thread. Matt is away until Monday but hopefully he’ll be able to read this when he gets back on Monday.


Hello, do you mean your Bullet can’t connect to RoasTime? This might be a different issue than the current post. You can send an email to [email protected] and the support team will help you work this out.

Hey @mattiaintorre6f0o,

Can you provide some more information on this? Is it the roasts/saved roasts/beans/etc. that are not syncing?

Hi @derrxb the software version is 3.3.2. , despide I am logged on both and roast.time simultaneusly I doesn’t sync even with the manual sync, so i can’t see my roast on