Roast World to Roastime

Hello new soo this may have been asked. When I look up a peron in roast World, click download and can see it in saved file.

Then go to Roast Time it is not anywhere.

I have tried beta, non beta, on both, now seems to be worse as everything is gone. On RT3

Sorry was using my phone, I have upgraded to RT 3 and new user name for both RT3 and Roast World. I have always had sync issues so thought this may help.

It works once in a while but normally does not work, does someone have to approve the download just not sure what I am doing wrong.

I have never got the playback to work either, normally just make a new reciepe once i download it


Can you send me the roast you are attempting to download? Syncing seems to be working ok here on my end - but maybe there is a permissions thing or something particular to what you are trying to download.


Here is the one i have been trying to use

I had the same problem yesterday, trying to use in overlay mode.

Has this been solved?