How can I check and ensure that I have Roast.World 3 downloaded and operating? On my homepage, there is no indication that I can see and I don’t see where to click so I can confirm.

I think you mean the app “RoasTime 3” as Roast.World is the online platform.
If you are on a windows computer you click on the About toolbar, and it will show you the version.

@jacob Pleaase help! I cannot log in to RoastWorld. It shows up an error in red text " Please update the App". It’s updated.

Hey @scottwaugh, I’ll try to help get this sorted out for you. Can you post a screenshot of the error that is shown? Does the error happen after you’ve logged in or before you login?

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Thanks Derrick,
I’ll get a screenshot for you the next time it does it. It seems to be an intermittent error and I cannot think what causes it.