website - graph axis C only / weight data

when I log onto to look at my data, it appears that the roast curve graph only plots in C, while the rest of the summary shows in F (my site preference setting) Is there a way to update the graph axis?

Also, the only weight displayed is charge weight, it would be neat to also display roasted weight if that data is present. (And % weight loss as a bonus calc! Would love to see that in the roastime sw also)


Thanks for the report, it is fixed now.

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Thanks so much! Super fast!

The ROR looks funny now?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Does anything wrong with the ROR?

Yes, the values seem quite a bit higher than they should be reading. For example here:

The low and high point on this graph are 180f apart but the ROR displays above 40 for almost the entire length of the curve.

You right! It is fixed now. Thank you :pray:

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