Roasted Coffee Packaging Resources


Does anyone have a supplier for coffee packaging? We used to be able to purchase the white resealable and brown paper coffee bags in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes but they no longer offer them. The supplier they refer you to only sells in quantities of 500 which is considerably larger than I need. Any suggestions are welcome!



Prices seem to have jumped at all my usual sites post-holiday so I had to settle for plain bags with separate stick-on fold down tin closures. But they were affordable.



Thank you Bruce, looks like some good options.


Same problem. I found these 8/16 oz. Happy with them so far.


Thanks, Amazon of course, why didn’t I think of that!


Thanks for that link Bab. “ClearBags” is about half the per-bag cost of most bags sold at either online coffee sites or Amazon. I’ve saved that link for when I need to order more for personal use. :sunglasses:


Just keep in mind that-

  • they don’t have zip-lock closures and
  • you have to buy the stick-on ties (also cheap).

I bought 1# kraft bags with vapor barrier & valve plus the ties. They’re narrow (3-3/8"x2-1/2") and tall (13"). Took a little persuasion the first time I opened one but it stands on its own with a flat bottom once I won the argument. Still have to work out how to use them without spilling beans, but at 30%-60% the cost of other sources (with shipping) I’ll make it work.



These have closures and are heat sealable. Not sure how much they’d hold, maybe somewhere between 8 & 12 oz?


I passed on heat-sealable as it didn’t leave a way for the user to readily re-close the bag. This particular bag doesn’t have the valve if that’s important to you. But the price is sure right!