Roasted Weight Missing

Prior to roasting today, I applied the latest RT update. After roasting, I noticed that there wasn’t any box to enter roasted weight. I had to save the roast and then go back in and edit it to be able to enter roasted weight and degree of roast.
Is RT the problem or is it me?

This information is entered while you are roasting. At this point you don’t know your final weight so it cannot be entered. It is intended to be filled while you are roasting to save time.

I’m a bit puzzled. The screen shot in my original post was taken after roasting during cool down. I’ll revisit this again in a few days when I roast again.

Also, when I try to delete a bean in RW, I keep getting this error:

Uh oh …

Something went wrong.
Unexpected Server Error

Thank you for your report of the issue with deleting a bean, @kkrawford.

This has been fixed.