Roaster info top right corner in Roasttime

What does it mean when roaster info in top right corner displays a red seams that in the info the igbt Itemp will be 96c or more.?

That means that your IGBTs (transistors responsible for creating the induction heating) are reaching the temperature limit. If higher than 98C they will stop the induction heating.

This happens when roasting 900 g charging at 295-300c. So am i starting to hot what should i do to keep this from occurring.

I’ve been roasting at 1kg with a PH of 572F/300C. I have not run into the red warning but I have run into the yellow warning when the IGBT1 hits 93, usually around the 4 min mark of my roast plan. However, as my plan calls for a step decrease of Power and 2 increases of Fan over all, and usual around the 7 or 8 mins mark of my roast plan is when the yellow warning goes away.

I don’t know what factors are going to determine whether you hit the temp limit or not as @jacob pointed out (although he probably knows). When I roast I ensure there is ample air circulation around my roaster (i.e. my 900 CFM range hood vent is on second highest setting, kitchen window is open, and nothing is blocking all the air holes underneath the Bullet).

For my 1kg batches I’ve settled on the starting with F3 as opposed to F2 when I do 500g batches since my PH for the 500g batches is lower temps (392 to 410F range). Also majority of the time my roast plan is at D8 for 1kg batches.

Knock on wood I have not hit the red warning yet.

I took a quick peek at your recent 0.9kg roasts and noted that you start with F2/P9 and stay with that for a while. I wonder if that F2/P9 combo for that length of time is one of the factors why you went into the red warning - that’s just my guess.

Thanks maybe i should try f3/p8 i sometimes have trouble keeping things declining at the end also. i think i have enough ventilation because i have a exhaust hood going into s4.although i dont run it full bore most of the time.

To avoid overheating you can reduce the power setting. You can also increase the air ventilation under the bullet where the electronics are, or lower your ambient temperature.

thank you