Roaster is dropping green beans into cooling tray

Hi everyone,

I did my first deep clean of my roaster, and after putting it back together, on my first roast, a great number of green beans started to drop into the cooling tray.

I stopped the roast, waited for the roaster to cool down and remounted the front plate. Ran another roast and same thing happened.

I contacted ailio and they said i needed to move the drum forward because the clearance was too big. I couldn’t move the drum. Not sure why this is happening.

Had this happened to any of you?

I had this happen to me with my first two seasoning roasts with Brazilian beans. The next two seasoning roasts were with Colombian beans and it didn’t happen. After the seasoning roasts were done I roasted that same Brazilian bean to actually drink and didn’t have an issue.

I haven’t done a deep clean yet b/c I haven’t roasted enough for that to happen. Anyhow @billc shared this info with me on my post regarding that same issue.

From the Bullet manual under: Seasoning the Drum:

• Drum speed should be set to D9 for the first 10 roasts. This is to prevent beans getting stuck and potentially pushing the door open. After about 10 roasts, the surface should have less friction and the drum speed can be lowered.

I wonder if the deep clean is the culprit? Just a thought from a new bullet owner. Good luck and please keep us posted.


I appreciate the response. I actually was wondering if something like that was happening.

Are the coming out thru the door or the vent below the door. Too large of clearance between the drum and faceplate will allow beans to drop out the vent area. The beRing need to sit in the pocket on the back of the faceplate.


Through the vent. Ailio said the same thing but i took the face plate apart again and i couldn’t move the drum to close the gap. I thought I did s tighter job at placing the drum back on and closing the faceplate but it happened again.

When you cleaned the cover, did you remove all of the carbon buildup?

Was the door being pushed open by the beans? Then it may be that you cleaned all the seasoning off of the lower edge of the cover and the beans are sticking a bit and forcing the cover open.

If that is true. then you could try adding some extra weight to the door handle to help keep the door shut for one or two roasts.

If the door is not being pushed open, make sure that the shims on the shaft are on the shaft side of the bearing and not on the cover side of the bearing.

I never remove the carbon buildup near the lower front edge.when I am cleaning the front cover.

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Since nobody mentioned it, I will. When you remove the faceplate and then put it back, you’re bound to move the back pulley. Take off the chaff collector and push it forward, hence closing the gap that was created between the drum and the faceplate.

I’ll try that. But it just seems pretty tight and hard to move.

I think this might have fixed it. I didn’t notice that it moved at all, but maybe just enough. I just did 2 small seasoning roasts to recover the face after the cleaning and no beans fell out. About to do a bigger one. Hopefully it’s fully resolved.

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Indeed, it’s fixed. Thank you everyone for your contributions. Live and learn!

If that did it, you’ve marked the wrong post as the solution. It might confuse people into thinking that they shouldn’t clean their bullet properly. Personally, I remove all the dirt, even the dirt that builds up under the drum. The only thing you must never clean is the drum. Everything else, the cleaner it is, the longer it will live.

@braca19452f9m Could clarify what you mean by “ dirt that builds up under the drum” when you’re doing your clean? A picture might be helpful. When I do a clean i follow the instructions from Sweet Maria and they don’t say anything about “under the drum”. TIA.

First of all, I’m not suggesting that anyone else should do it, just saying I’ve done it once in my 2 years with the Bullet. It’s not something that is done often. I don’t have pictures so thousand words is the next best thing. When you remove the faceplate the drum will be a bit loose. What I do is pick it up by holding the shaft where the bearing goes and vacuum under it. Also from the back once the chaff collector is removed. If you want to actually see what I’m talking about, you could try some compressed air under it. It will make a mess since there will be char everywhere, but at least you’ll have a visual confirmation. I think this happens because the Bullet doesn’t have a really snug fit against the faceplate and not everything falls out, but some stuff gets sucked under. It’s important to say that you probably won’t have any problems if you don’t do it, but I accidentally blew some air under it and, when I saw what came out, I simply had to do it.

Ah… now I understand… it’s not like you actually took the drum out! :slight_smile:

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If you use compressed air please just blow it from the back of the drum after taking off the chaff collector. If you blow from the front it is very easy to damage the mica tube, as this is very thin sheets of mica paper that will separate. So, vacuum from the front, blow air from the back.


This is great info…I think this is exactly whats happening to me now, But how exactly do I “push the pulley forward”? Take off both chaff collector covers? Physically push it? and where? Thank you!

Aillio Video Library - aillio

Check the “Cleaning the impeller video”. The pulley is the wheel just to the left of the impeller with the belt on it. Physically push it, but please be gentle.