Roaster ISSUE

When I log into RoasTime on the left bar it read "Roaster Issue. Then when I go into the firmware it tells me to follow “these directions” I click on the supposed link and nothing opens up. So I don’t know what directions to follow. I unplugged the USB and it worked, but my graph for the roast is all messed up. Can someone please help me?

The graph you posted is for the preheating only. Do you have the graph for the roast?

This was my roast graph

what is your theme and config settings within roastime? Try resetting those and see what the graph looks like. Hope this helps.

@solidcup Could you try restarting your computer? Usually the “Roaster Issue” status is indicating that we are competing with another process to claim the USB which may indicate there was another process that is hung up in the background.

As for your graph, did you plug in the USB mid-roast by chance? We can take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

I did a software update on my Mac and the problem was resolved.