Roaster Not Connecting

When I connect my bullet to my computer, and open RoasTime, it says that my machine is disconnected. I’ve gotten this error message in version 3, then upgraded to version 4 and still had the error message. I’ve several different USB chords to confirm that it’s not the chord.

May be an issue with the control board or connecting with the control board connector at the back of the display. Have you talked it over with your roaster-supplier or Support? Has it worked in the past? or is this your first time powering up? I’ve assumed power is applied to the Bullet (?).

For my part, I have an issue with the connector at the rear of the control panel- the cable connector doesn’t seat very deeply and can fall loose easily if I bump it. But generally I can do everything I need with the roaster.



In RT4 when you go to your config section there is an “Export Log” button under Software. Can you do that and send to us?