Roaster version

Am I right that a US spec 2019 Bullet R1 with the IBT and the original 120V induction coil is considered a “v1.5”? And the v2.0 is the one with IBT and new coil setup (currently only available in Euro-spec)?

So, nobody knows?! @jacob? @eli?

You are correct.
V2 uses the new induction board and the new IBTS and will first be available for the 220V version
V1.5 uses the IBTS and classic induction board and is only for 110V US market.


Thank you, @jacob!

Now, when someone puts up that page that says R1 v1.5 users should download RT 2.1.3 and FW 517 (hint! :wink:), I’ll know that’s for me!

Jacob- the store sight indicates V1.5 is no longer available for order, being replaced with V2, with lead time approx. 3 mo. - does that estimate hold true for 110V version?

I can’t tell you exactly as it depends on a lot of external factors… First we will release the 220V V2.
Sweet Maria should be getting a new batch of V1.5 soon though.

Thank you Jacob- appreciate you keeping us updated on the status of the 110v V2.0 as things progress!

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