Roaster wont heat

no matter how long i preheat or even roast the temp will not rise, the machine is cold.
the roaster is very new so not sure why its not working any more, was working fine for the first 3 weeks now nothing.

any ideas?`

I’m guessing the control panel is lit, the exhaust fan is running and the drum is rotating ruling out a dead power source (?). If that’s the case it’s possibly a power board issue. You will need to contact your roaster supplier or Aillio Support.


Under the roaster on the right side you should see a red led when powered on. Is it solid or flashing and if so, how many flashes before repeating ?

flashes red when turning on, about 15/16 times

Mmmm… should be a max of 14 flashes. Check again to be sure but if it’s 14 that points at an IGBT overheating error (the semiconductors which control induction heating power).


Yes it’s 14, why would it be doing this? It’s a brand new machine.

Not sure specifically but it likely falls in a reliability category with the unfortunate name ‘infant mortality’. I can’t say specifically but if this is indeed a part failure (you’ll need some help from Aillio Support or your Bullet supplier to confirm), I’m guessing that part failed prematurely. Generally if electronic parts make it without failing for longer than some short interval (a month? 2 months?) they will last for a very long time as characterized by the ‘bathtub curve’. Not the answer you were looking for but that’s the general area you’re dealing with. I’ll speculate Aillio will be able to identify the issue quickly. The f/w test that detected the problem thinks the IGBT is overheating. That covers the broad area but it could be one of several failures that caused the out-of-range reading,