Roaster won't start at all

Roaster only makes slight buzzing sound but does not start at all what could be wrong?

Can you turn the drum by hand? Do the controls come on? If so then it may be the motor for the drum.

You need to get a Trouble Ticket started so you can get some help from the Aillio techs.

One of the first things they’ll ask is if the Control Panel is alive with typical startup info. And whether or not you have your USB cable connected with a green light (RT3 lower left: Roaster Connected with a red or green dot above it). If you have those 2 things then it may get down to what @timcmillen2knj suggests.

A frequent issue with a new roaster is either tension on the drum shaft drive belt, or possibly the adjustment of the drive pulley on the rear of the shaft. But if that were a problem I think you would hear the motor turning. I’m not sure how to interpret “buzzing”- it it’s loud it could be the cog belt slipping over the teeth of the pulley. Tech support has been very good the 3 times I’ve needed help.


Its broken.

Without more details, its impossible to know what is wrong with it.

Nothing comes on almost like it does not get power.

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Will contact them thanks. Buzzing is more like and electrical short/ power supply or something. I am a mechanical engineer. So have taken it apart and put back together again but can’t find anything obvious. It is a 2015 model so has worked very hard. I have made about 300kg of coffee just in the last 1.5years. Awesome roaster. Thanks for the help

I would also guess power supply. It’s a likely point of failure in any item like this.