RoasTime 2.0.7 Update Issues

Just updated to the latest version of RoasTime between roasts (i.e. I restarted the application while during a B2B preheat) and I like the new UI changes. However, it didn’t save two of the three roasts I did back-to-back. The first roast wasn’t saved at all. It doesn’t show up on the software or on Roast.World. That’s rather frustrating.

So, I did my second roast, thinking that it must have been because I restarted the app after cooling. After the second roast, I even made sure to press the “save button” on the little dialog that comes up before starting the B2B preheat for my third roast. After my roast started, I went to find the second roast so I could overlay the curves. Nothing. It wasn’t in the list. Oh well, I guess I’ll finish this roast. On the third and final roast, I waited until I could fill in ALL the details (I left the post-weight out on the second roast) and then pressed save. Interestingly, that one is saved, but I’m missing my other two roasts.

So, for the Aillio folks, is there any way to get the data for my other roasts back? Are they lost for good? :frowning:

Not really happy about this - seems like there were some improvements to the UI and graph (thank you!!) but some of the stability is gone. :angry:

I’m on a Mac, running 2.0.7 with firmware 448.