RoasTime 2.0.8 Beta Feedback

Any questions or comments about the the RoasTime 2.0.8 Beta Release can be posted here.

I just installed Roastime 2.0.8 Looks good. I am really happy with the new UI, which makes the important roast indicators, like duration, bean temp and ROR, much better visible. Thanks!


My main feedback, which I’ve had (but not yet shared) since 2.0 was first released, is that the Beans part of the UI is very unhelpful. I used to be able to “create a bean” in the roasting software, but now I have to use the website, and first create a vendor, then jump through a bunch of hoops that I find untenable.

As a result, my roasts have all been with “Unknown Bean”, and I’ve notated which beans I’ve used in the Roast Title, but that’s not nearly as helpful as the old interface.

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I agree it takes a little effort and we are in the process of re-designing our site to make it easier.
We have also talked about making it possible to create directly from RoasTime.

The good news is that if you do decide to use the website, you can assign the bean later on, and this will automatically be synchronized in RoasTime.

Minor suggestion - some beans (notably decaf) are impossible to tell when they’re yellowing. It would be nice to be able to skip that milestone and go straight to start of first crack, by clicking ahead in the timeline.

In version 2.0,8 you can do that now.

A couple of notes from tonight:

  1. When you run back to back batches, using f1 after cooling, if you don’t first save your roast profile data, it gets deleted instead of saved. It used to save automatically in this scenario.

  2. When using the playback feature, if you change indices from C to F mid roast, your live roast curve will update but the underlying shadow curve will stay in C.

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Did 4 roasts with 2.0.8beta, in two them the graphs just stopped building up after a few minutes. Program was still responsive, but measurements just stopped. Happy with the new yellowing / fc / sc buttons though :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, our developers are receiving it.

While the Playback Mode is much better in 2.0.8, it could still benefit from some refinements. One thing I’d suggest is working on the horizontal (time) scaling of the Control Settings… They don’t seem to quite line up with the temperature graphs, especially when the profile temp lines ends before the right hand edge of the graph. The control settings seem to always be scaled across the whole graph, while the temperature lines might not be. Further, if you need to roast longer than the profile you are following, the Control Settings cease updating, and don’t shift in sync with the graph shrinking as the plot lines reach the right hand axis. (I hope this makes sense!) Also, if you roast longer, the time markings on the bottom of the graph stop updating.

I find myself trying to line up where the graph lines are drawing and the equivalent point in the Control Settings. Besides having these all scale in sync, a traveling “cursor” indicating where one is precisely on the Control Settings would be great.

I just finished my second seasoning roast on my new Bullet. Before I received the Bullet, I tried to learn as much as I could about RoasTime. I found YouTube videos and I reviewed them. I am using RT 2.0.8 beta. It doesn’t look anything like those YouTube videos. After I finished these seasoning roasts, I was prompted to enter the details about the bean. I did so and saved it. When I reopened the RoasTime program there is nothing there about prior roasts. It says I have no saved roasts. If I go to all of the roasts are there.
Question #1: How do I get my prior roasts to show up on RoasTime 2.0.8?

Next. On the YouTube videos there are instructions on setting up roast profiles with a profile program. I cannot find that anywhere in RoasTime 2.0.8.
Question #2: Is there a program to set up roast profiles and where is it?

On prior RT, there appears to be setup customization liking showing X and Y lines on the graph. I cannot find anything like this on 2.0.8
Question #3: Is there a place to customize the setup like prior versions?

Question #4: Is there a video or manual somewhere on how to use 2.0.8?

Sorry for these questions. I am new at this.


if possible,could you add the roast development can be predicted when we are roasting.
That will help us to adjust the power high or low immediately as well as develop fine roasting.

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I haven’t encountered any problems with the Beta, this is the first version of RoasTime I’ve used, so still getting used to it.

A feature I’d appreciate is the ability to print labels with the Bean name, roast date, roast level and a comment line on a small label that I could slip into my bean jars or tape to a coffee bag. Probably a cut piece of paper about 3" or so wide by 1/2" to 3/4" tall, being able to print multiple labels on a single page.

I guess this would also mean that I’d like to see a roast level field in RoasTime that I could populate with City / City+ / Full City or Light, Medium, Dark, or what have you.

Net Voltage reads 0, however, Energy fluctuates between 106 and 140, keeping stable at 118. Is Energy the new Net Voltage? I haven’t found any info about Energy…

Yes, the energy label should be the net voltage. Will be updated in the newest release.

well but the layout was better v 1…

color disturb somehow … ,liked older version much better, the only advantage now I can use my mac hate windows

Issues after RT Beta upgrade
After using RT to install current version (a beta) RT won’t respond. It shows my Bullet ready to roast, I was able to select a profile to run but that was it. Update: had to unplug the Bullet and reboot before it was recognized even though the beta was installed yesterday before I connected the Bullet.

Why do we need to share with the rest of the world what beans I am using? I feel this can lead to a bit of IP concerns.

Uninstalled 32 bit, installed 64 bit. Roastime opens and shows a blank screen. Literally all white. Can’t do anything.

Sharing is caring :slight_smile:
With that said we are working on a way to opt in for making some parts private. It goes both ways right? you can learn from others and they can learn from you.