RoasTime 2.0.9beta feedback

  1. I updated to this version 2.0.9beta and everything worked as I would expect. I’m set to use °F. A few days later I roasted again and had no graphing of temperature. Also, changes in fan and power were not updating. Numeric display of temperatures and time are updating. When I switched to °C, the graph popped up and started updating. When I switched back to °F again, the graph stopped updating though the graph didn’t disappear from the screen. Back to °C and the missing graph was filled in and the graph immediately started updating. The changes in fan & power do update when °C is used but are muted and not updated when using °F. Post-roast I can display a profile in °C or °F without issue.

I’m using Win 10 which is (I think!) up to date.

  1. Alignment of power/fan event changes is off relative to temps… the are entered at a later time than the temps, i.e. further to the right. Switching between °C/°F makes it worse. The accumulated error makes use for profiling doubtful.

  2. When the file is saved, Dates chosen by RoasTime seem to be a crap shoot, usually in 2018. January was being entered as Month 0.