Roastime 3.3.2 not working on windows

Roasttime 3.3.2 doesn’t work anymore on my windows laptop
The applications starts as usual but the front page is never loaded, there’s just a white roastime window.

Any suggestions what to do?

I re-installed it several times, didn’t work

You might need to enable viewing of hidden files. In your file explorer find the view settings and enable hidden items.
After uninstalling all apps try deleting these folders:
C:\Users"YOUR USER NAME"\AppData\Local\RoasTime
C:\Users"YOUR USER NAME"\AppData\Roaming\RoasTime
C:\Users"YOUR USER NAME"\AppData\Roaming\roast-time

Then re-install and try again

What is your advice to solve a situation where Roastime is up and running, Bullet connected and pre-heating, then RT freezes at charge.

A suggestion, I think you should provide a link on the support page of the website to legacy versions.

FWIW I have been roasting with RT 3.3.0 because for what I do it has been stable (and I really have to thank Matt for finally not forcing the RT update until we’re ready!! :pray:t3:). At some point I will update, but after seeing whether others on the forum has issues or not - I just don’t have time to mess around trying to troubleshoot software (or firmware for that matter which is why I haven’t updated it since the version my Bullet came with, v562). I have no complaints as long as I have stable s/w that works for me and how I use RT (which is nothing fancy). I have noticed many of us roasting on the Bullet are technically inclined anyway, so we all know and are aware how much of a rabbit hole the troubleshooting can be. Bad enough these days when you have to be your own tech support at home because of “work from home” it can get exhausting when you just want to roast beans and something goes wrong and you might not have roasted beans :sweat_smile:


Freezes when adding the beans or when going to charge?
Are you letting it go to charge by itself or forcing it through RT by changing mode?

Best guess: I was freaking out when it went from working fine to stalling out.

1-what’s the difference between “adding beans” or “going to charge”?

2-The Bullet was telling me to charge and RT was showing a ready to go message. I think I charged and when RT didn’t pick it up I tried to select thru RT.

  1. Just curious if it happened at the end of preheating when it moved to the charge mode, or when it was in charge mode and moved to roasting mode.

So after the roaster says: “Roasting has started” then RT freezes? What screen is shown then?
Some people press the button on RT to make it go from charge mode to roasting mode, but I recommend not pressing any buttons on RT and just adding the beans to let it auto detect them and go to roasting mode by itself.

IIRC the freeze was after the “Bullet is ready “ prompt as it didn’t pick up the charge.

The screen was the normal RT screen without anything happening. After a few seconds I tapped the vertical message in the lower left corner- then a couple other things without success.