RoasTime 3.3.2 usability degradations

I am on Linux and upgraded from 3.3.0 to 3.3.2 the other day and noticed 2 usability degradations:

  1. There is no “edit” button on the active roast view, so I cannot add metadata (name, beans, temp, …) while roasting anymore.
  2. Popups cannot be closed with a simple “Enter” anymore. Looks like the popup doesn’t have focus. I am not 100% if this issues came with 3.3.0 already.

Would be great to have previous behavior restored in both cases.

Thanks, Nikolay

The Edit button is there but changes to Theme leave button color the same as background. You can find it by moving the cursor around where it was till it shows itself.

I left a note for Matt with a link here for when he gets in tomorrow.


Edit- just a thought- you might try Ctl-Enter to clear the pop-up

Thanks Bruce, adapting the color palette helped; Ctrl-Enter unfortunately not.

Best, Nikolay