Roastime 3 auto update problems

Anyone else having problems with auto updates getting flagged and quarantined by protection software? This has been an ongoing issue for me. After the file gets blocked and flagged as malicious I can’t seem to do anything to load and run Roastime again short of resetting Windows. I have had to reset Windows three times now. Running my computer without virus protection is not an option.

Is there any way to turn the auto updates off? I would be happy to update the software manually if that would resolve the issue.

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Opt-in updates would be great!

It’s just a friendly request. I appreciate all the free improvements, and I understand there will be occasional regressions. As a software developer myself, I get it. It’s complicated to keep hardware, firmware, app, database and website synchronized. Even more so when there are multiple versions of hardware/firmware/app/website to consider. The company I work for has the same challenges.

So it’s from a place of sympathy that I ask for the ability to choose when to upgrade. Something like “Warning: You are using an older version of RoastTime, some features may not function correctly: [upgrade now] [live dangerously]”

You understand the challenges of supporting a wide spread of software versions, I’m sure there are still some RT v1 users skulking in the corners. I think this is what the developers are trying to address. Apparently most iOS users are pretty up to date in their version but that’s probably Apples success in persuading folks to update.

One suggestion I have made is that not every release is considered in the “stable” branch. Maybe major decimal, 3.1,3.2 etc and others are “beta” that you can opt into like firmware. As @jacob has previously said, not every user or every test will catch everything, it’s just the nature of the beast.

Other software exists, Artisan, but shock horror, they have bugs too, especially when new features hit. Check their GitHub if you doubt…

Am I the only one concerned that the updates routinely get flagged as malware? And it is usually identified as very specific malware.

Overall I am a fan for Roast Time. But it does seem to be a bit invasive. And I should not have to run my computer without malware protection in order to roast coffee.

Never had it flagged in Windows 10. Artisan however pops up a box with Danger Will Robinson….

I would open a ticket with Aillio and detail you system info so that they can look into it.

The latest version should be better. There were some problems signing the app previously which was why they were flagged.
Which detection software do you use? And what was it flagged for?

Computer is a Surface Pro running Windows 10 (kept up to date) and McAfee. Unfortunately I did not save the malware identifier. Roast Time would not load properly afterward, so I did a full reset of Windows…long process and requires re-installing all non-MS apps. This is the third time this has happened, and it was the straw. I went and got the cheapest POS laptop I could find (an 11.5" HP with a Celestron) and it is currently running nothing except Windows and Roast Time. Not ideal…didn’t want to resort to a throw-away computer to roast with.

Actually I would advocate for a “single use computer” and that’s what I do - nothing fancy I just picked something up on FB and put in a bit more memory and an SSD. I have one on my R1 and one on my laser engraver. When you get into the foibles of Device Mangler, honestly it is worth it to keep you remaining hair and sanity intact by rescuing an otherwise “throw away” computer…you don’t need a cutting edge i9 quad core to run this stuff.

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If I roasted as a business that would make sense. But I am strictly a hobbyist. I roast a pound or two every week or so, and a bit more around the holidays. I spend almost as much time updating Windows as I spend roasting coffee. And now I have another computer to maintain.

I repurposed an older Surface Pro (I think it is the version 2), installed Win10 (since it originally came with Win8 or something like that) and use it specifically for RT. Screen is smallish but hi enough resolution and it is a brick (by today’s standards) but works well for me in the cramped kitchen counter space I have. :slight_smile: I don’t do the Windows update nearly as often on that machine as I do for the Dell I use for my work - can’t be bothered…

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McAfee in particular appears to have some issues with the software. I had issues with Avast too initially but got resolved. I sent the file to McAfee support in India but got a message that they could not replicate the error.

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I use Comodo antivirus, it also quarantines the installer, although it doesn’t surprise me, it’s a slightly paranoid antivirus that sometimes quarantines the calculator, Chrome, or the same update of the antivirus.