RoasTime 4.6.16 Chart Display

First, could someone explain the purpose/how to read the Y2 axis on the chart and why it seems to use a different temperature scale from the regular Y axis by default? Surprisingly there still seems to be no documentation for RoasTime 4. The Bullet documentation doesn’t mention anything about this part of the software either.

Second, is there a way to display the chart so that the lines don’t run over top of the Power, Fan, and Drum settings? It would look much nicer and be easier to read if these sections were separate.

Temperature (I-Temp, B-Temp) is read from the Y1 axis; Rate of Rise (I-RoR, B-RoR) uses the Y2 axis. RoR is the slope of the Temp curve. It is the change in temp per unit of time- think in terms of degrees per minute.

  • If RoR is greater than zero, Temp is rising.
  • if RoR is less than zero, Temp is dropping- not something you expect to see when roasting.
  • if RoR is greater than zero and steadily declining, Temp is increasing and gradually curving toward a horizontal line.

You’ve set the Y2 axis to (I think) 175° in order to see the top of the I-RoR at the time you charge the drum. The result is the I-RoR curve (and consequentially the B-RoR curve) are very compressed later in the roast.

For my purposes there’s not much to be gained by setting the full scale of Y2 to 175. I find I-RoR more useful near the end of the roast so I have Y2 set to 40. But then I drag out the roast so I’m looking for a steadily declining RoR from about YP to the end of the roast. The result is that I-RoR is initially off scale and doesn’t drop down into view till the roast is about 2/3 of the way to YP.

But that’s just my preference. As always, YMMV.


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Thank you for that explanation! Hopefully this will be covered whenever documentation is released. For the graph and settings overlapping, I’m hoping they’ll fix that soon or offer an option to separate those as it makes seeing the graph and the settings difficult.