RoasTime 4.6.21 Does Not Open/Error - UPDATE

UPDATE: I was able to get RoasTime running by deleting the ~/. config/RoasTime folder and relaunching. Fortunately my data was all still there. Just had to reset the theme as it had reverted to the original.

After RoasTime auto-updated it no longer opens on Linux. The same error happens with RoasTime freshly downloaded:

Failed to load GLES library: /tmp/.mount_RoasTiNeoU6r/ /tmp/.mount_RoasTiNeoU6r/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is there a way to stop the auto updates or revert to the previous version so the software can be used?

After moving the .AppImage to a new folder it technically opens but results in the following error:

" Error: backend/unavailable

Failed to connect to RoasTime’s backend after retrying 5 times. Restart RoasTime to try again."

Restarting does not help. This is certainly frustrating as I have a lot of roast recipes, profiles, data that I do not want to lose. How can I get RoasTime up and running without losing my data?

Assuming you use RT while online, your data should be fine. Can you backup your ~/.config/roast-time directory and deleting it? See Error: Backend/unavailable - #3 by mcaillio

What distro are you on? Actually, the reason we forced this update is to fix the very issue you are talking about.

Using Pop!_OS. Was able to get up and running again by deleting ~/. config/RoasTime and relaunching. Data seems to all be there, just had to reset the theme.

Thanks for updating!