Roastime 4 extreme power drain

Hey, I recently started using Roastime 4 on my MacBook Air m3. The first roasts it dropped over 50% power in under an hour. The Power usage was almost maxed out but Cpu + Ram was not running high (meaning 25% Cpu + 5gb of Ram in use). My MacBook also got really hot. When I was checking there was one Task running very high on battery usage (Roastime Helper (Renderer)).
How are ur experiences using a MacBook, do you maybe have the same issues??

We build the application on an intel chip which means your M3 would be running via rosetta. Not sure if related to something there? I don’t have an M chip mac so it is not officially tested on it.

building it on an intel is really outdated, as RT4 is not too old :smiley: will there be an updated and optimized version for contemporary hardware? I mean Apple Chips are here for >3 years …

Not on the roadmap now, but eventually. The problem here is:

  1. Most macs still run on intel chips.

  2. Building on an m series macbook is not backward compatible whereas the opposite is.

  3. Most CI platforms do not provide M series chips for building and we haven’t seen a need to invest in an M series machine just for building as of now.

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lucky me that I use my old macbook which I don’t need for work anymore :slight_smile:
thanks for the information about it!