RoasTime 4 Open Beta and Testing

Does anyone know if RoasTime 4 will released for ARM processors ie the Raspberry Pi? The current ARM version is still v3.3 which is quite dated now. It would be fantastic to see a v4 release, particularly since the Pi is quite capable of running the Bullet.

Got a new update this evening - 4.3.2. The update looks fabulous with a lot of small but useful feature additions. One little quirk was that I kept on getting the New Update Available - Restart prompt. I restarted quite a few times and then realized that it was perhaps a bug. I roasted 10 B2B batches and got the notification quite often.

Hey, you can actually upgrade to 4.6.15. I believe there was a bug on auto upgrade from 4.3.2 on some systems, so you will need to install from

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I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but the little bell icon that shows updates and notifications hasn’t shown any updates for me since Fri Nov 25, 2022. And I’m on version 4.6.15 now, so there have been quite a few updates since the last shown date.

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Hey, this is actually not a bug, we have just not been writing changelogs for RT4 as we are releasing so often. I will be better about this!

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I definitely appreciate the frequent updates for sure. But some semblance of a change long would be nice. Other than checking versions every time, it would be nice to know what’s changed, even if it’s techy jargon haha.

Any chance of Bluetooth this year? Lol :joy:

Anyway to add the FC or SC marker like what you did for yellow?



Hey @lotuscoffeetea , do you mean adding a recipe action for FC?


Yes! I figured if you did it for the yellow, might as well do it for FC and SC.

I would rather have it pre-mark it first and make adjustments on the go than miss it completely on accident and can’t do anything about it until after the roast.

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Has there been updates recently after 2/04/2024?

I did that update and I’ve gotten asked to update 3 times since then and there has been no change log for anything posted anywhere

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Hey @lotuscoffeetea,

Change logs are posted at Log in | Roast.World. You can see which services versions that were recently released.


Hi - just a quick note to let you know that people downloading and using the appimage version of roastime 4 on linux won’t be able to update unless a new appimage is made available for each update (which doesn’t seem like what is happening because i have the latest appimage and it immediately tries to update).

this is because the appimage doesn’t (and probably can’t) update itself.

this means every time i start roastime with the appimage i get an update which runs and them i’m prompted to restart which, if i do, results in the old version of roastime starting and updating itself again.

there are workarounds, but they involve unpacking the files from the appimage. it would be nice if there were another method of installing just a binary that could keep itself up to date on linux.


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