RoasTime 4 Open Beta and Testing

What top and bottom options are you referring to? Thank you!

After finishing a roast and you are in cool down mode.

If you press F1, that will put you in “back to back” mode.

On the active roast page in RoasTime, my screen shows this:

At this point I can select a new preheat temperature,
If I click on ‘start preheating’, The Bullet will start preheating but turns off the recipe.

If I click on Start preheating with (recipe name). the bullet will keep the recipe and start preheating.

As far as I know, these options only appear in back to back mode.

In RT4 go to Edit Setting → Roast Config. Below the 3 Units settings are 4 on/off selections. What you want is the last one: set Single-use Recipes: Off. That will allow you to do back-to-back roasts.



Thanks Bruce, I didn’t know that was there.

Soooo, haven’t been roasting for a while… tried to figure out if there’s an update on RoastTime 4.

I’m confused :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.
On one hand when I search Google for RoastTime, it gets me to an official web page that says nothing about beta.

On the other hand, I couldn’t find an official post which updates about a release.
Moreover, not sure what’s new other than inventory tracking… (not to disrespect).

So, how stable is this version and why would I use it?


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Here’s where you can find the current RoasTime4 d/l. After installing RT4.3.2 it will auto-d/l any updates, then it will give you a message to close RT4 and restart it. The link above will auto-detect your operating system and display the appropriate link for Windows or iOS.

I’ve been using this version of RT4 (4.3.2) for awhile without issue on my Win11 laptop. You may find a few bumps in the road but to me it feels like the pot holes are filled.



Yes. RT 4 looks so much mature and feature rich as compared to the earlier releases. Have been using on a Win 11 laptop too and haven’t any issues so far. I have not used recipes so far but overlays and playback work flawlessly. Good job team!


I just installed RT 4… looks like the recipes are all missing the text of my end of roast alerts. RT 4 adds a generic end roast alert and still shows the entry for mine, but when I click on that step the text isn’t shown. I always put these in to remind me of when to drop the beans for a given profile. I have RT 3 on another machine and the text is still there. Hopefully it won’t get wiped out. Anyone know how to fix this?

Just click on the Text icon. That will open a window to the left where all the commands associated with the step and the text are displayed. I’m using Win11; if you have iOS then YMMV.


Hey @bab in the Roast Config what is the “Global Roasting Info Display” for? The little “i” icon doesn’t give any tool tips. I finally got the latest RT installed properly, had to do a complete fresh install. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will work for me when I have to roast (probably next week) since I don’t use half the features anyway :slight_smile:

I haven’t thought about this setup option for awhile. I believe it enables the display of I-Temp & B-Temp in small data blocks at the bottom-right of a page when you leave the Roast page during a roast.

You’re probably more disciplined than I am - I sometimes go back & forth between Roast, Roast History, Recipes during a roast to remind myself of data values and odds & ends. Feels like a connection to the roast and reminds me to not lose track of what I’m doing.


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Hey @blacklabs,

You probably already saw this, but the little i info icon is a hover help:

Thanks @bab and @billc . I see the “I” icon but when I hover my mouse outer it or try to click on it I wasn’t getting that tool tip Bill’s screenshot showed.

Clicking on it doesn’t do anything. Strictly a hover help on my computer.

Windows 10 Pro

Yea… the hover didn’t work for me…

What OS do you run again @blacklabs ?

Win 10

Mmm… I have Win11 but I get the i(nfo) target when I hover. Has to be a mouse-setup option in Windows… ??


And I just checked- clicking the i(nfo) icon does nothing to display the info on my Win11 system… I must hover only to get the info.


This doesn’t work on the mac version of RT4 for SOME of the text alerts. However, when I roast the alerts still pop up. I just can’t see them or edit them in the recipe.