Roastime 5.0 stable

I tried RT 2.5.0. stable. Disappointing that the Roast setting function, in particular adjusting the Ror curve color, is still not working. I use the Macbook version.

If it’s like Win 10, RoR and Exhaust Temp labeling are reversed. It’s a work-around but at least you can make sense of the chart.

The color of the ror curve cannot be changed. It is near white. This is rather awkward if you use the light background. Of course the dark background could be used, but I do not like it.

OK… now I see the new 2.5.0-stabile release: 2.5.0(.173)-stable. (.173) is my way of labeling the d/l… probably the build number I found looking at Properties->Details. I assume (.173) vs. (.171) indicates further changes from the 2.5.1(.171)-alpha I was previously using.

Just installed it; on my Win 10 installation I have Roast Settings color selection labels now agreeing with the chart colors for Exit Temp and for RoR. Like you, I prefer the Light color theme for the chart, so the default lt-grey RoR color was lost for lack of contrast. I used Roast Settings to set Exit Temp to black and RoR to a lighter shade of what I have for Bean Temp (the t/c probe). Seems to be ok looking at earlier roasts displayed in RT.

You probably did this, but in Roast Settings, did you click on Save before you clicked on Update?


Very strange. I tried changing the color disconnected. Then, I did the same connected and I was able to change the color of the ror curve to red, which basically solved my issue. However, after that success I was not able to change it other colors, connected or disconnected, I do ‘save’, ‘update’ and ‘cancel’ , the latter is needed to get rid of the Messages window (?).
In sum, I have solved my issue, which is great. However, I still do not fully understand what is happening. Possibly, I overlook something.

Couple of things come to mind-

  • it would be very limiting if we have to be connected to the internet to do basic setup. It would imply to me no standalone capability. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s next.
  • ‘Cancel’ to exit is an unfortunate choice of words. ‘Exit’ or ‘Done’ seem better choices as they don’t infer you’re about to throw away what you have just done.

Ok, tried editing curve colors first connected then disconnected from the internet. I see 2 issues:

  • Roast Settings can’t be modified without an internet connection (wonder if I’m not seeing locally saved charts?).
  • RoR and Exit Temp are reversed again, i.e. adjusting RoR in Roast Settings affects Exit Temp on the chart and adjusting Exit Temp in Roast Settings affects RoR on the chart. When I tried this after first installing the ‘stable’ release while connected (wasn’t aware of the internet anomaly at that time) it appeared the reversal had been corrected.

Makes me think there are changes being made to RW that affect how we see RT operate.

Btw, I was able to continue making changes to curve colors. Maybe your i’net connection dropped out for awhile? or maybe not logged into RW?


Edit: When I restarted RT (connected) I found the colors were again as I’d selected them yesterday and that RoR/Exit Temp were not reversed. Once I made a change to RoR the label reversal reasserted itself. I’m beginning to think I haven’t a clue what is being changed and wonder of I really have any control over it!

I agree, it is not very clear how to change the colors. I changed the color of the ROR and exit temp., then pressed update, then went to another item in the settings, for example “password”, then pressed cancel.
Restarted RT and the new color appeared. All the time connected to internet…

If you try that when not connected I suspect you’ll find clicking Update leaves you with what you started with. I had thought setup was under local control but I suspect now that we have no control of any adjustable feature in RT without an i’net connection.

It makes sense, I suppose, in that features controlled locally-only would potentially yield garbage charts if the viewers controls were set up differently. Not sure… as there are multiple layers of preferences involved. And my wish for control of axis-scaling would compound the issue. Makes my head hurt!

Bottom line is you’re right: not enough info about what we’re doing with Settings.


Btw, I’m beginning to think the label reversal between RoR & Exit Temp is in differences between local RT labeling and R.W display of charts.


I discovered another problem w 2.5.0-beta. I keep entering bean weights and they keep going back to zero. The “roasted weight” value seems to be working ok, only the “green weight” is not saving.

I haven’t experienced that with 2.5.0 Stable. I roasted two batches yesterday, and just looked at them again in RT and in Roast World…both Green Weight and Roasted Weight are still correct.

Haven’t had a problem with saving green weight initially, but trying to edit, e.g. to add more beans, causes an issue. That edit causes R.W to think it’s an Unknown bean in the roast(s) and I have to go back and edit each roast.


ah, pilot error. I keep getting confused between the different weight entries, grams vs kg. When adding beans you use kg but in RW it’s grams. and of course I’m converting from pounds since I order from Sweet Maria’s… my aging brain just can’t keep up.

Metric measurements are Europe’s way of sending the US out in the street to play in traffic. :slight_smile: We really need to get over it and switch, but I’ll probably fight it till the end!


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