Roastime and Bullet stop communicating after charging

This is second roast after installing Roastime 4. The first roast was fine. They were not consecutive. Preheat to 250 was normal and charge time was reached in about 25 minutes, which is longer than normal. Immediately after charging 510g of beans, logging stopped and PC controls were disabled. I could not enter milestones. The timer continued. I proceeded to manually control the roast, albeit poorly and discharged. Roastime was aware that I was cooling and allowed me to edit the roast. I see a similar problem reported in 2021. I did not try to quit and restart Roastime during the roast. I’m using firmware 602, I think.

I didn’t see ‘Recipe’ mentioned but this sounds like a setup problem related to Recipes. In the config settings there’s an option to not disable a recipe after a single use (“Single-use Recipes”). If you were using a Recipe it sounds like that Recipe-disable feature is enabled…


Okay, that was enabled. But I should not have been able to start a roast with the recipe, if it had been disabled, correct?

Hi @ghost.WhCO,

Do you mean the chart was no longer rendering? Was it only the milestone buttons that were unresponsive or were you able to click on any of the roaster setting buttons? Was RT showing “Disconnected” in the top right?

The roaster has some pre-conditions for after Preheat. So there’s a heat setting without a Recipe running (I think it’s P3/F2/D4 in my case- values I set). However, if you had any P/F/D changes that you didn’t do yourself with buttons (real or virtual), then that would be odd- I expect no P/F/D changes unless a Recipe is making those changes.

Bottom line is Roast Configuration needs to have Single-use Recipes set to Off if you plan to do bac-to-bac roasts using Recipes.


The chart was no longer rendering, and the milestone buttons were unresponsive. I don’t think it was disconnected, because is acknowledged when I discharged and cooling started. I did not notice the indicator. There was no temperature readout on the PC, so I used the panel to change PFD, not RT.

These were not back to back recipes. I turned it off, anyway. I seldom roast back to back. PFD did not change, until I changed them on the panel. I probably won’t roast again, until Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll write my recipe out in detail, so I can control the roast effectively by hand, if necessary and report back regardless of what happens. I suppose I should recreate the recipe I used, if I use it again.

@ghost.WhCO thanks for reporting, we’re looking into this chart rendering bug.

Hey @ghost.WhCO - what OS are you on? Are you based in the US?

I have had the same issue. Exactly as described by the OP.
I am running Ventura 13.5.2

Hey @ghost.WhCO and @coffee_b7d7db8a7262 , this issue was likely caused by a recipe related bug that is now fixed in the latest client version v1.110.1

Let us know if you’re still having issues after updating RT.

Whether it was shutting off the single-use switch, as per bab or the v1.110.1 fix, I cannot tell, but the error did not recur.

Is there anything special about the cord that attaches from a laptop to the Bullet? I would like to get a longer one.

Just grab a high quality cable, not the cheap stuff. It’s just a USB with A on one end and micro b on the other.

I can confirm getting a high-quality micro-USB cable as a solution. I just spent 4 hours troubleshooting EVERYTHING inside-and-out with my bullet. I even had a price on a new control board. When I would plug in the roaster, it would beep 3 times and turn on all cooldown fans, but nothing would appear on the control panel.

Then it hit me…when I would try to reinstall the newest firmware, it would lose communication at 99% and then reconnect again. I grabbed a new micro-USB cord to connect to the computer…and all my issues went away.

I too will be investing in a new, high-quality cable…because that was more frustrating than I can explain.