RoasTime and R1 Feature Requests and suggestions

I’ve got a few ideas and feature requests I’d like to toss out there and see what sticks. I’m going to list them in no particular order.

RoasTime Ideas

  1. Complete control of the settings of the roaster. I.e. Sounds, temps, speeds etc.
  2. Control of Cooling tray fan to enable it to stay on and cool beans while another roast is started
  3. When replaying, add the ability to line up with certain marks like charge, yellowing, first crack etc. and announce drop or something when the replayed roast hits the end.

Bullet R1 Ideas

  1. upgraded cooling tray with agitation (may need additional power cord for motor which is ok
  2. Upgraded bean hopper with open/close lever
  3. Bean deflector
    4. Chaff box with side opening. Seeing as we must remove and clean the chaff box after each roast, it would be more ideal for the box to rotate down with the whole side being opened. The structural support on the inside causes chaff to get stuck and build-up rendering the bottom bung almost useless. a larger bung or door on the side would make it easy to slip a vacuum hose in and clean out the chaff and the mesh filter quickly and without burning yourself.
    5.Better fan for the power supply and/or stl file for 3d printing a fan mount to keep the psu and bottom boards cool. Many users are reporting the need for an external fan to avoid overheating errors. This would be a great addition.
  4. Buttons with White letters and symbols painted in the middle, they’re very difficult to see.
  5. Lastly, it would be great to get some .stl files of the buttons. I can see the rubber becoming a wear issue, as well as the opportunity to customize the unit a bit.
    Love the roaster, I just get all these ideas and wanted to toss them out here to see if anyone agrees.
    I know there’s a bunch of DIY stuff for a lot of my list, but complete and fully finished solutions would be much nicer for a lot of the users who don’t have the skills or time to DIY themselves.

Bump to be noticed lol

I have noted this down, thanks for your suggestions. Keep them coming.

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This hasn’t been my experience. Removing the chaff box significantly interferes with preheat. Plus chaff is too light to fall readily. With the chaff box attached and the roaster in Preheat for back-to-back roasts I use a small vacuum to remove the chaff. Takes 1-3 sec. Even that causes a bobble in pre-heat, but it’s quick enough to recover within a few seconds. If it’s done at the start of b-2-b preheat the temp change isn’t even noticeable.


There was a post in the FB group by someone who hacked their chaff collector with some pipework to allow the collection in an external cyclone bucket. It would be nice if there was an “official” Aillio alternative for those who want to “upgrade”…