RoasTime Bug when changing from Kilograms to Pounds [Fixed in latest RT v4]

I just tried to change the settings for RoasTime from Kilograms to Pounds and the display is incorrect.
With the settings set to Kilograms, I get this (which is accurate):

If I change the settings to Pounds, I get this:
The first number should show Ounces not grams. The second number didn’t convert to ounces and still has the g (gram) label. The Weight loss is correct for both settings.

I am on the latest version of RoasTime: 4.3.2
and all updates are the latest as of today May 17th.

If I change to Pounds and edit the roast, The ounces shown are correct:

Hey @billc,

I was working on adding this to our backlog but it seems like its already been fixed in a newer version of the RoasTime Client service. This should be released soon but we’re currently working on some design changes that are not completely implemented yet.

I’ll write here to keep you updated.


I downloaded and installed Version 4.6.6 and it appears to be fixed.

Thank you @derrxb