“RoasTime” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. error for Mac

Dear Alio Roasters,

I recently purchased the Alio Bullet V2 Roaster and encountered an issue when trying to use the RoasTime software on my Mac. The software cannot be opened due to a developer signature verification problem.

I kindly request that Alio Roasters update the developer signature for the RoasTime software to make it compatible with Mac. This update is crucial for Mac users to enjoy the full benefits of the Alio Bullet V2 Roaster.

By addressing this issue, you’ll ensure a smooth experience for Mac users and enhance the accessibility of your product. I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a resolution.

Thank you,

Not sure if they can. Aillio is collecting data for their machine learning roasting program. So, not sure if they meet Mac security requirements, in terms of data collected. Could be not worth the hassle for smaller companies. I’ve seen software for a lot of companies like this where Apple gives a warning.

But of course you can set up a new Mac that only runs RT4, and just click “ok” on the warning pop up.

Hey @jeancarlobarrios.Q1y,

Thank you so much for the report. We will fix this issue and released a copy that fixes the issue.

Fwiw, RT doesn’t have any malware on it and this might just have been a bad signing when preparing the release via our automated release system. So it should be safe to bypass and open RT. Or if you want to wait for the next release that is fine as well.


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Hey @jimmybulletroaster,

This is not the case. The issue is that the release might have had an outdated signature on it. This is gonna be fixed by resigning and releasing an update.

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@derrxb Thanks, great to hear!

Just want to confirm what Derrick mentioned. Our code signing certificate failed on the latest release on our automated build system. I will get it sorted and re-released ASAP.

Fwiw, I don’t think anyone said malware.

The user agreement for Aillio states the company will use or collect “data” but never defined what data is being used or taken. In legal terms, that is a nasty blank check. I’ve asked to be sent clarification, but never got anything formal or well defined.

I think we all give the company the benefit of the doubt as we are all sort of in this together in a way, and we all want the best outcome, and understand your resources are limited, but it would be good to assign someone to that, since we all have lives and would prefer to not have things like that looming. Especially when Mac OS warns us about using the app.

But we don’t have to get into it here. I just felt you were diminishing some valid concern, by making it sound like an extreme accusatory thing. So we’ll just drop it here. Perhaps another thread, for another time. Mostly I am concerned about getting this bug figured out first.

@jeancarlobarrios.Q1y This should be fixed in the latest release (v.4.6.26 for MacOS). Let me know if you run into any issues!