RoasTime download issue

I just downloaded the latest version of RoasTime and now all I get is a blank screen and all my roasts are gone! Has this happened to anyone else?

have you logged in yet? Then they should sync.

If you are were using RTv2 and installed RTv3, please see IMPORTANT: RoasTime 2 servers to be taken down at the end of August. A guide for migrating from RT2 to RT3 - #6

If you’ve been on RTv3 for a while, do your roasts show on Roast World?


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I have logged in to Roast.World and when I go to RoasTime I have a blank screen.

Yes, my personal roasts show up but when I try to go to my saved roasts I have a blank screen.

Try filtering the saved (downloaded) roasts. In Roastime click the down arrow next to all your roasts and select downloaded roasts . This should put a tick in the tickbox and then show you all the “saved” downloaded roasts from roastworld.

In Roastime I have a blank screen. There is no option to choose downloaded roasts.

sounds like you need to reinstall or just open a trouble ticket with the support guys