RoasTime error: backend/unavailable

I recently upgraded from version 3.4.1 to version 4.6.16. The program initially would open but now it will not. I’m getting an error message "error: backend/unavailable and “failed to connect to RoasTime’s backend after retrying 5 times”. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the software but I get the same message after each attempt to open the downloaded file. Any ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks.

can you please check if you firewall is set to block any parts of roastime?

I think that i will clear my hard drive, reload Windows and try loading Roastime again. I didn’t have the computer hooked up to the bullet when i first opened Roastime; maybe that was the original sin. However, until then if you have any ideas let me know. Thanks.

Jim C.

FYI; I fixed it by reinstalling Windows and repeating the download/startup procedure. Looks good to go now.

FWIW - re-installing your OS is a pretty drastic measure and this was probably more likely related to firewall settings. Glad you got it sorted regardless!

My laptop is used primarily for running Roastime and there is little else on the computer. It took maybe 30 minutes to reinstall Windows. I spent way more time trying to adjust the firewall; when I shut down the firewall and Roastime still gave me the same error message I decided on the drastic.


@mcaillio I’m experiencing the same error code (“backend/unavailable”) - I’ve turned my firewall off completely to troubleshoot, but am still getting the error. Any other solution ideas? As you said, re-installing the OS is pretty drastic and I would rather avoid doing so

What OS are you on? I would try deleting the app data. In the past, backend/unavailable is due to corrupted data in most cases.