RoasTime fails to create a roast profile

I hit preheat on the RoasTime software and no graph appeared. RoasTime continued to ask me to start preheat while it was already preheating. I hit roast on the bullet and no graph appeared on screen. The screen kept indicating to hit preheat.
At least I obtained a good roast in the end.
What’s up with that?

That sounds like an issue with communication between the roaster and the software. What versions are you on? Are you on the latest Communication Service?

Thanks for the response. I have software version 3.4.1 and firmware 606. Not sure what you mean by latest communication service? Is that related to Roast World ?
The issue resolved itself with my latest roast. Appreciate your help!

Ah, sorry - that was in reference to using RT4. Glad it is working for you again.