RoasTime Improvements

I’m starting as a new Bullet user here and have already found a couple of issues. First, the RoasTime software (at least on Linux) doesn’t load addresses properly. Modern browsers often require the use of “https://” at the beginning of the URL. When clicking on features in RoasTime that require loading, the browser immediately gives a warning due to the lack of “https://” on the front of the URL. It should be easy to update the software to make it more user friendly. Some basic usability testing should reveal this before it’s released.

Second, when first starting up the roaster and loading RoasTime, I experienced no detected connection. RoasTime gives an option to “Click here to troubleshoot”. When clicked this opens up but no help is given at all on how to connect. This button should go directly to a page that helps with troubleshooting or, even better, include troubleshooting in the RoasTime software. Internet shouldn’t be required to get a roaster up and running. Some may be roasting in locations where there is no reliable Internet service. It would be good to keep a broader audience in mind when developing the software.

Hey @drink_your_coffee,

Thank you for the feedback.

We will verify #1 and get this fixed. I’m pretty sure we’ve prefixed everything with https though. #2 is an error on our part, we’ll update this to redirect to a more useful link.