RoasTime losing Roast History data and issue with Bean data sync from Roast.World


That detour was my fault I’m afraid. I’d been catching up on posts earlier, happened to see the two separate threads back-to-back, and theorized a connection that wasn’t there. Sadly for troubleshooting purposes, that idea didn’t go away after @PapasCup set me straight.


Not a problem. You were trying to offer ideas and help. That is a good thing and one of the great things about this forum. :+1:


Hello everyone, new user here. I am not able to sync between RoasTime and no passwords, beans, or roasts. I’ve logged out, I’ve logged in, I’ve changed passwords via the app, I’ve synced beans, I’ve force synced.

With high hopes I updated to 2.5.7 stable on Linux yesterday, but no changes in this behavior. Any ideas? Does RoasTime work better in WIndows?

Thank you,



Just guessing, but they’re making changes to R.W so there may be some server issues. I had trouble getting Beans to update but eventually it did.