Roastime Mac - Troublesome keyboard shortcut handling [Fixed in RT v4.6.6]

I encountered a bit of vexing behavior with Roastime that I hadn’t encountered before.

Setup (up-to-date Roastime):

  • Client 1.38.0
  • Proxy 1.23.0
  • Communication 1.8.2

Test procedure:

  • Start Roastime with roaster connected.
  • Bring Safari to the foreground and do Safari stuff.
  • Type command-Q to exit Safari.

Expected result: Safari exits, no impact on Roastime.

Actual result: The USB connection to the roaster is lost (ruining data collection if a roast is in progress), Roastime shows an alert asking if I want to quit, and I cannot get the roaster to reconnect without stopping and restarting Roastime.

It seems that Roastime is grabbing all my keyboard input even when it is not the application that has keyboard focus.

Thanks for reporting @john_l . I actually see the bug now and will fix it (this is an MacOS only bug). Worth noting it will take a new main version to rectify.

yeah, figures that this is in the Electron app proper and not the upgradable components

thanks for having a look!

working perfectly for me with the update, thanks!