Roastime: Midroast Disconnected

I was literally just roasting right now and Roastime v2 suddenly disconnected from the R1 and I have no idea why. Anyone have any suggestions for trouble shooting?

No idea but I have had this happen with 3 of the last five roasts. For me it happens around the end of pre-heat and the beginning of roast. I can shut off the program and restart it and (for the most part) it resumes where it crashed…at least the elapsed time indicators do.

I will do some more roasts on windows today and see if I can replicate this issue. What windows version are you both on? (eg. Windows 10 64 bit) @Larz @lotuscoffeetea

Thanks Matthew… I’m on Windows 10 64 bit.

same as Larz. on Win10 64bit. the disconnect also happened after preheat. I was about 6 minutes in when it disconnected. 1000g charge with 195C preheat.

Just spent a few hours yesterday figuring out I needed the link to a 32 bit version, new drivers, firmware done okay great. Soon as I try a roast the software repeatedly stops displaying and recording roast info. Froze once at end of preheat and again a minute into the roast. Trying a third time now to see if the software will work.

I hate to say it, but I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems with the software. This year I have been away from home for months at a stretch and don’t have much time to roast when I am home. Something always seems to go wrong, either the software goes down in the middle of the roast, or I can’t connect to the roaster. I rarely know if I have the latest firmware or software, or if I need to update WIndows.

The last time I roasted at all was in September after being away from home for 2 months. Roast Time didn’t make it all the way through about 3 of 5 roasts. I came home again early November and was not able to get the software to see the roaster long enough to update firmware or software. I know nothing about uninstalling and reinstalling USB drivers, as the PC I got off of Craigslist is the first one I’ve owned/operated. So I don’t know if my inability to roast this month was because of trying to switch from version 1 to version 2 of the software, or the wrong USB cable (it’s worked in the past), or needing to reinstall the drivers.

All I know is after 3 hours of screwing around the night before I needed to drive 600 miles, I had no beans roasted and no functioning roaster, and I wanted to cry. My next step in the process is going to be trying the Mac software, though the reports I’ve read so far are not encouraging.


For people having a disconnect issue, I suggest eliminating a variable by purchasing a high quality USB cable. My included cable failed after less than 6 roasts. Even a high quality cable should cost less than $10.

I replaced my cable and have run on Windows 7 and OSX using 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 with no issues.

If you guys could upgrade to 2.0.7 debug version and opt in - it will help us get down to the root cause if software related too.

For what it’s worth, my Bullet almost always disconnects within the first minute or so of preheat. I usually hang around and wait for the inevitable disconnect, then I unplug the USB cable from my laptop and plug it back in. That gets me up and running again - so far no actual disconnects during roasting (thankfully). I’m on a Mac with 2.0.6 and the latest firmware.