RoasTime Next/Previous Roast buttons should match Roast World's [will be fixed in v3.5]

Hello folks,
I sometimes like to toggle between two roasts that I roasted back to back to see the difference. It has struck me that the back arrow on both the roastime software and on the computer keyboard < actually takes you FORWARDS to a more recent roast, and the > forwards arrow takes you back to previous roast.

The only logical rationalisation I can see for this is if one considers there to be a vertical list of roasts which one is browsing. There is… but this list is not what you are experiencing when you see a roast full screen… you see that roast only, and pressing back should therefore mean going back in time… as it does if you are using any software with a timeline, or if you are word processing, or if you are imply using the english language… back means back.

So please change the arrows on the software so pressing back will take you back to a previous roast and forward will take you forward in time to the most recent roast.



Hi, this will be fixed in the next release of RoasTime v3.5.

Best regards,


Many thanks Derrick.

Thank you Mark.

Thanks @derrxb !