Roastime on a pi 4?

I am considering downsizing my garage computer to a pi 4 since they are beefier and small. Anyone running the bullet software on a pi4?

I’ve seen where people get “Artisan” roast software running on the Rasberry Pi, but Artisan also supports Linux. People claim that a Pi4 can run Windows apps, but there is also (typically) a caution about it being a lot of work and not necessarily runs the app properly.

I’ve always thought the Pi platform was cool and that it probably does certain things better than others (like input control). I’ve never thought of it as “beefy” compared to a PC platform, but it is a very small footprint for sure that can fit certain needs well. I use a 15" notebook PC (Win10) on my Bullet running Artisan and love it. It sits right next to the Bullet and fits nicely into my setup.

I’m always interested in what people can accomplish that is “off the beaten path” though…:nerd_face:

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