RoasTime on MacOS Catalina?


Has anyone tried running RoasTime on MacOS Catalina 10.15? My computer is nagging me to upgrade but I want to make sure the Bullet will still work with it.


Just got 10.15 installed on my old Macbook Pro (11,3 2014), running RT 2.5. Connects and controls without a problem. I haven’t done a roast yet, just turned the bullet on, connected and ran through the roast stages so I can’t attest to stability during a roast.

The Catalina upgrade was a pain though, just to get it to update.


Our lead coder is also upgrading his Mac to Catalina for testing and recommends people wait until he’s able to take a deeper look at it this week.


On my Mac RT will not open at all it just bounces in the tray at the bottom of the screen good thing I roast with a Mac Book


I have a copy of RT running on my “upstairs” computer, which is running Catalina, to look over profile data in its more native form. It seems to work fine.

I haven’t yet updated the laptop that’s actually connected to my roaster. Given that RT seems to run by itself on the updated upstairs computer, I suspect the only thing that might go wrong is in the connection to the Bullet itself.

I’m kind of torn–I don’t need to roast for a few days, so I could probably run the upgrade and roll with whatever happens. But, I don’t really use that laptop for anything else so there’s no harm in waiting until there’s more than one other report that all is well.


I was able to upgrade and run recipes from RoasTime/Catalina without a problem! The Catalina update is rather lengthy, so I wouldn’t count on a rollback. If you depend on the roaster it might be best to wait it out until the developer on the thread takes a look.


I have done 2 roasts and had no problems. The ROR did a little up spike near the end of the second roast but I suspect that was artifact related to the dark roast I was doing rather than a software issue.

Same caveat as others, if you don’t need to upgrade, the safest course is to wait until Aillio blesses it.


I am running the current beta 10.15.1 beta 3 with no problems so the current release should be good


From what I understand there is some work to be done on RT2 before it is fully compatible with Catalina. That work should be finished very soon (today? tomorrow?) and will be released as a new stable release.