Roastime - RECIPE FUNCTION - Feature Requests / bugs

Hi folks, I hope you’re all well…
I did a few roasts today using the Recipe Function, making tweaks to each subsequent roast using the Recipe editor, and using Recipe Playback to do each roast… mostly it was fine, but there are some very clunky things that could be improved upon. 7/ is my most wanted feature…

1/ when creating recipe, if you have chosen in Settings to see IBTS as “Primary Measure”, the recipe should default to IBTS, not to probe.

2/ when creating recipe, one should be able to have events listed in the order they were created, and have the ability to drag drop to reorder the events in the order you foresee them occurring.

3/ when creating a recipe, the time elapsed based events should be able to be triggered by elapsed time past a previous or any specified event, for example, the ability to create a trigger to activate 1 minute after 200°C is reached, etc.

4/ When you create a recipe, all events are added with time AND temp, even if you are choosing ONLY temperature (and not time). This causes a mess because typically the default time is “Time Elapsed (>=) 00:05” which means the events are randomly ordered due to this unneeded time value.

5/ similarly, it would be good to be able to click to remove timing from an event once it is already in the event ( ie: to be able to have a Temperature-based event that does not have any Time Elapsed info)

6/ recipe bug - After creating a recipe, if you then save and go back to the list of recipes, and then click on one of your recipes and go to the recipe editing interface, then edit the name of the recipe and click save, it does not save. You have to make at least one change to one of the events and then press save. Otherwise it does not save. This is repeatable bug, but you have to first create a recipe, then go back to recipe list, then back to edit name.

7/ This is an important feature request! it would make a huge difference to be able to have graphic indication of the recipe in progress when you Start Playback in recipe mode. At the moment, you roast blind, and you can only watch Roastime monitoring the roast, but really, it is in Playback mode, so it would make sense and be VERY useful for the user to see the P F D timeline below the graph so one can see how things are going and anticipate what is about to be triggered.

8/ Fan greyed out bug? If you have a previous TEMP based event, say 180°c to set P6 F3 and then you try to set another TEMP based event, say 190°c to change the fan to F4, you cannot, it is greyed out. It seems the cause is the unnecessary and forced addition of TIME to a TEMP-based action. If you ignore this unnecessary time parameter, it will default to 00:05 for both your TEMP-based events. This should not happen, even with the times clashing, as the one would go off at 180 as it is past 00:05 and then the next should trigger as it is also past 00:05 and at 190°… greying it out makes no sense, and also it is an illustration of the unnecessary and time-wasting nature of adding TIME parameters to a TEMP event.

Tx people,


Hopping onto this thread to add to the recipe bugs in 3.2.2

The preheat temperature is limited to 450 F and cannot be set higher (my default temperature units are deg F).

When creating a recipe based on a roast profile the preheat temperature defaults to the deg C conversion even when your preferred units are deg F, i.e a recipe with a 482 F preheat is now listed as 250 F.

If you change your preferred units to deg C on a recipe that’s based on a roast that was performed in deg F the units are still listed as deg F even after restarting the app but the numbers are updated.

It’s very frustrating when you try to use a feature that previously worked and is broken due to an update, especially when the user has no option to use an older version of RT that’s known working. You should either put more work into QC before pushing updates out, or let users use older, known working versions.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestions. I have passed this information unto the RT developers

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Thanks for your input. In the coming release (hopefully this week) we have:
1: Will default to IBTS no matter user config.
2: We might make this possible sometime
3: I have added this as feature request
4: The time is needed otherwise all actions could be triggered in the first few seconds where IBTS (and for sure the bean probe) have a high temperature. For IBTS we might remove the time or make it optional and then default to min 5 or 10 seconds.
5: Yes as I wrote in 4.
6: This bug is fixed now
7: this is possible already if you click on the info panel during a recipe playback, then you can choose to see the next steps
8: This bug is also fixed

This bug is fixed now. Please wait for the new release of RT.
Somehow our QA missed this one which we regret. We have taken measures to improve our testing for coming releases.

Hi Jacob, it’s a pleasure, great on the bug fixes, thanks… and I am VERY glad 7/ exists already, perhaps it should show the next steps by default? I’m sure most people would prefer to know what’s coming up than follow blindly.

4/ gotcha on this one, I guess the problem is then that there is no way to sort the events in the order you want. I have created a work-around by having the first event start at 00:05, the second at 00:06, third 00:07 etc… so I can then sort by time and they are visually in the correct order. This was only important because I was printing a screen grab of the recipe so I could see what is coming up, but now 7/ is implemented already :slight_smile:

Thanks, tot siens,

We are working on getting the stupid bugs fixed first, after which a complete overhaul of the recipe creator is in the works. We have many new features in the pipeline which hopefully should make it easier to use.

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Excellent, thanks Jacob.

@jacob What version is dropping? On the aillio website it’s still 3.2.1 there but there is another thread here about 3.2.2 not working in Win10 (not sure if that was a typo by the poster). I’ve been reluctant to roast because of reported RT bugs in these forums since 3.2.0 dropped and 3.2.1 was dropped a few days later. I would have preferred to stay on 3.1.9 until you guys work out most of the kinks…

After you download 3.2.1 it will auto update to 3.2.2
It is working fine on Windows 10, but there are a few bugs in the recipe creator. In a few days we will release a new one,

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HI, I just did two roasts from recipes tonight, and this i panel works ok, but not nearly as good as the timeline at the bottom of the roast, like the Playback of previous roasts has…
it would be better if if had timeline events to follow :

Hi @jacob there is any how to save/use a recipe tutorial? I feel is super confusing to save the recipe and make it work for the first time. I mean, I saved my good recipe but not sure how to do an automated roast using the recipe, I tried once and it didn’t do want I needed. We need a basic manual for this.

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Any update on the new/improved recipe creator? I’ve searched but can find nothing. Eagerly waiting…

We are working on RT 4 which will have the new recipe creator… We will probably have an early beta version ready in a few weeks time.

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Cool, thanks @jacob , and please please pretty please, don’t forget the switching of < and > :wink:

Excellent, thanks. Is this a closed beta? How can I get on the VIP list?

I can confirm that this is already fixed in RT v4!

We did it exactly the same way Google Gmail does it - Right arrow > is older emails. I would have imagined that they thought it through and did a lot of user testing :slight_smile:

The whole functionality of the < > keys are not so simple. What if you sort your list of roasts by green weight, should it then move through the sorted list? Right now it is doing exactly that.
Perhaps an up / down arrow is more appropriate as this would indicate that you are moving up and down the current list.

All inputs are greatly appreciated

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Yeah, but Gmail is a vertical list that’s visible at all times… with the roasts the graphs do not have a list, just full page graph… Left and right do not necessarily mean up or down… the decision is arbitrary and inconsistent in software. I’d say an up and down arrow would be a LOT more clear, because then you would know that up means more recent, as the only way it would make sense is to visualise the list, where the new ones are on top… so yes, UP DOWN would be much better!

In Gmail if you open an email to read, then that takes up the whole screen and you cannot see the email list anymore. The arrow buttons are still there and, right is older…
Anyways, I will get Tent to try with the up down arrows and we can all test this and see how it works.
Are you in the slack channel @mark.palmos ?