RoasTime Recipe HELP!

Hey all!

So I finally found a roast profile that I really love and so do lots of others but trying to consistently replicate it is getting frustrating!

I have gone to the roast that I like and hit the playback button and pretty much just sat by and watched it do all the motions for me… Ive noticed though that nothing remains the same. The beans will all get roasted at different times, hit FC at a different time and temp and the bullet will also just keep going and not automacilly click over into the cooling phase.

I have gone and tried to make a specific recipe. Setting a target temperature and time, but when I hit save it just keeps telling me to finish or discard my current active event. I have no idea what that means and I also dont know how to actually make a recipe start roasting.

Does anyone have any suggestions or step by step intructions to understanding the recipes better… or any advice on how to crank out consistent batches time and time again?!


Most likely the issue with repeatability is one of not having identical initial conditions for each roast. The Preheat cycle looks for stability in BT but not the exact BT. The BT probe is attached to the front plate which greatly influences the reading till the Bullet reaches some measure of thermal equilibrium.

To complicate things further I believe the ambient temperature of the room will influnce the stabilization as well… I’m seeing room temp of over 90°F which I think affects how the roaster gets to the final temp.

One roaster here (@quartzglen) is so concerned about stabilizing the Bullet thermally that he finds cheap beans so he can do a couple throw-away roasts to get thermal equilibrium. Instead of a throw-away roast I do a very extended Preheat at a higher Preheat temp than I plan to roast with (usually +9F°); when it hits Charge I cycle the PRS to end the Preheat, start the Recipe with the correct Preheat, then when it hits Charge again I do the first roast. Not perfect but it’s closer than rushing the process.

And of course YMMV.


That means you are actively adding an action on the left column. You need to discard this or save what you were doing, then you can save and run the recipe.
We are improving how the app guides you to this now.