RoasTime recipe list not complete after latest update

So my RoasTime 4 just did an auto update to v4.6.15 but now the list of recipes is incomplete. The recipes are still all visible in Roast.World but in RoasTime I have to search for a previous roast with the specific recipe to use it again… Seems like a bug to me. I restarted the program, reinstalled all dependencies and logged off and back in again, nothing worked.

Hey @info.kXON , looks like this was fixed last night, will be deploying a new client in a few minutes with the fix! Apologies.

Thank you!

I’m now getting the issue with the roaster not being recognized as connected by RoasTime 4. So it connects but as soon as I start a recipe RoasTime says I have to preheat the Bullet but when I preheat the roaster in RoasTime it loses the connection, picks it back up but pushes the roaster through preheating to charge while no data is shown on screen. When I preheat with the hardware buttons ROasTime will not pick this up and keeps telling me to preheat the roaster.

DO you have time to connect right now?

Yes I do.