Roastime roasts are not syncing

Looks like the last roasts that synced to Roastime were from back in April. Anyone else having this issue?


My Roasts are all synching between RT and RW okay, but I am having recent trouble with RT dropping out.
Initially I thought it was cable connection, then internet quality, but now it seems to be occurring when I try to do Overlays or Playbacks. For some reason the roast profile stops recording data in the chart but keeps going with time duration of roast. So when I mark Yellowing or FC, it records at completely bogus times eg 3 mins instead of 8 mins, and throws out the DV and 3rd phase readings.

This might happen for first and/or 2nd roast, then corrects itself to operate normally.

Hey @skioutwest - how many roasts have you done since Apr and what version are you on? I am not seeing anything earlier than that in the database, so they aren’t making it from your local RT for some reason.

@Snidely_Whiplash Does the drum/bean/etc temps on the left sidebar continue to update accurately and it is ONLY the chart that seems muffed?

It seems that my issue was that my laptop has not been connecting to my Wifi. Now that I fixed that, I resynced and everything looks good. Both my bean inventory and roasts. Thanks anyway!


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@mcaillio the whole roast profile drops out. Sometime status bar on bottom left of RT will say Roasting but there is no data showing, and sometimes it will say Disconnected. If I close RT window and reopen, the roast sometimes comes back but I have lost chart and milestones times are all out of whack. Total roast time usually continues correctly but my charts are then missing first past and start from when I reopen RT